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Tattoo removal with laser techniques

Tattoo removal with laser techniques

Tattoo removal Naples


Tha habit of decorating, colouring, using and drawing on one's body as if it were a canvas is among the most ancient practices humanity could recall: ever since the dawn of mankind, human beings have impressed on themselves images and words able to convey powerful and evocative symbols.

A tattoo is the injection of coloured pigments into the dermis by means of a needle oscillating at a frequency ranging from 50 to 3000 times per second and reaching the depth of 1mm under the skin.

Dermis is the deepest skin layer and, differently from epidermis which is more exterior and subject to frequent shedding, is more stable and makes it possible to keep the tattoo for a lifetime.

Tattoos can therefore be defined as pigmented skin lesions due to coloured substances, usually introduced on purprose but sometimes even accidentally (accidental tattoos most frequently take place as a consequence of infections caused by road accidents).

Today, the practice of tattooing something on the skin is widespread, although not lacking in risks and suffering. Tattoos can be divided into four categories: prefessional tattoos, performed by a tattooing machine and usually featuring a large amount of pigment, voluntarily injected with the intended aim at recreating something on the skin; cosmetic tattoos, which simulate make up to reshape eyebrows or to make lips stand out better, just to make a few examples; post-traumatic tattoos, which are the result of an accident; finally, tattoos are employed in radiotherapy to help the localization of the areas to radiate (medical tattoos).

But people often regret what they have "carved" on their skin, resolving to remove the indelible sign created. However, the main problem with tattoo removal in the past were the scars created by dermabrasion.

Laser tattoo removal

Tattoo removal Naples

In recent years, Q-switched lasers have been introduced on the market: using a wavelenght of 532 or 1064 nm, they are capable of removing tattoos without leaving scars, making it possibile to treat almost any pigmented lesion.

When considering removing a tattoo, various factors must be taken into account: the colour, the pigment depth, the body area and how long before it has been done.

As of today, laser therapy is the most effective, painless and non-invasive method to deal with tattoos, usually perceived as a discomfort or even a beauty problem.

Our specialists have state-of-the-art technologies at their disposal: in fact, our laser center uses DEKA Duolite QS system, specifically intended for the removal and the treatment of tattoos and pigmented lesions. Duolite is a Q-switched Nd:Yag laser able to emit two different wavelenghts: 1064nm (infrared) e a 532nm (green light) with the possibility to create an extremely powerful impulse in a very short time.

Thanks to these features and using the selective photodermolisis technique, Duolite QS allows to safely and effectively treat tattoos and deep pigmented lesions of different colours, even in patients with darker skin types.

Similarly to what happens in tattoo removal, only a Q-switched emission is capable of treating dermal lesions effectively and without the high risk of leaving scars. Duolite QS can be used for professional, amateur, cosmetic and traumatic tattoos with the guarantee of excelent results.

RevLite SI

Eliminazione Tatuaggi Napoli

RevLite SI is a new generation of Nd. YAG Q-Switched laser with multi - wavelength system. By extending the wavelength functionality to include 585 and 650 nm, RevLite SI ensures greater effectiveness in removal treatments of epidermal lesions, removal of multicolored tattoos’ inks, hair removal, reduction of wrinkles, reduction of acne scars. Thanks to the spot of 8mm with higher fluence and to the PTP technology(Photoacoustic technology pulse)it removes more efficiently and with greater precision the unwanted pigment, in particular in addition to the ordinary color it removes the green, sky blue, purple and orange.
This new technology permits to obtain an excellent result with a lower number of sessions, the treatments are more rapid and effective and it is currently the most powerful laser on the market.


The treatment consists in variuos sessions few weeks away from one another or up to five weeks if the area to treat is particularly large. Tattoo removal is a day-surgery operation, absolutely painless, but a topical anaesthetic can be used in cases of patients with a particularly low threshold of pain.

After the treatment, the area is protected and medicated by means of an antibiotic ointment. Should any scab appear, it is absolutely forbidden to remove them or to scratch the area. Equally importantly, the patient must not be exposed to sun rays in the 15 days preceeding and following the treatment.

However, our experts will be there for you in order to identify the most resolutive and effective treatment for any of your needs and wishes.

Our patients are taken care of by the best specialists in the field: with expertise and professionality, and by using the state-of-the-art equipment – namely the DEKA Duolite Q-switched Nd:Yag laser - they make it possible for our patients to reach the desired results and the greatest satisfaction possibile.

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